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Get out in front of the 2024 General Rate Increase (GRI)

Changes for 2024 and the reasons your true impact
could be even greater

Access an early read on the upcoming GRI to help inform your planning. Our team doesn’t have a crystal ball, but our Chief Analytics Officer and President of Parcel spent over 20 years combined at FedEx, where they led strategic initiatives in parcel pricing, including development of the GRI.

Preview what’s inside 

  • Recent GRIs for 2024
  • Unpacking the reasons why your actual increase is often even higher
  • Other subtle changes that could amplify the impact to your parcel shipping costs
Thumbnail of parcel general rate increase infographic

Take control of your parcel shipping costs

The focal point of GRI announcements is the top-line figure, but it isn’t the full story.

Download our free infographic for a more comprehensive understanding of GRIs and how you can mitigate their impact on your parcel shipping costs.

Free parcel GRI preview