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The Slow Burn of Your Parcel Spend

2023 GRI Analysis

Feel like you’re getting burned by parcel costs?

A dollar here, a dollar there. A 5.9% “average” increase one year, a 6.9% “average” increase the next. It’s a slow burn that adds up and before you know it, your parcel costs are out of control.

In this webinar, AFS’ Chief Analytics Officer, Mingshu Bates and President of Parcel, Micheal McDonagh will discuss:
  • The dynamics of the 2023 FedEx and UPS GRIs
  • The GRIs combined impact with peak season surcharges
  • How shippers can mitigate it

Co-hosted by:
Chief Executive Officer, Tom Nightingale
Chief Commercial Officer, Melissa Somsen

This webinar was previously recorded on November 1, 2022.

Slow burn of your parcel spend webinar

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