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You’ve long used data for forecasting, budgeting and other strategic initiatives. But the volume of data in logistics is skyrocketing. In fact, one of the great modern business challenges is knowing what data matters and what to dismiss.

As a service to our clients, AFS collaborates with TD Cowen, a leading full-service investment bank, to bring you current and highly relevant data and insights on a quarterly basis that matter to your business.

Split-screen graphic featuring a big rig, a female shipping manager and market prices

Freight index key takeaways

  • Parcel carriers are using out-of-cycle pricing actions to boost revenue, with changes to fuel, demand and delivery area surcharges.

  • With LTL carriers continuing to demonstrate pricing discipline and carefully manage capacity, rates are projected to stay at elevated levels upheld since the Yellow collapse

  • A true truckload rebound is yet to materialize, but stabilizing rates indicate truckload capacity is adapting to sustained limited demand.

Download the Full Q2:2024 TD Cowen/AFS Freight Index

What is the freight index?

The TD Cowen/AFS Freight Index offers a unique and comprehensive view of both past market performance and the forecasted outlook for the immediate future quarter, for full truckload shipping, less-than-truckload shipping and parcel shipping, both express and ground.

Massive client historical data and current macro and microeconomic factors are carefully evaluated and selected, with their impact built into our predictive models.